Ann Coulter is calling me a conservative?!

I'm so not starting off 2009 on the right blogging foot...

...but moving on.

I've been actively following Obama Foodorama since its inception. The mix of politics, food, and snark is absolutely winning.

Not a fan of Ann Coulter? Then you must check out the post about Ann Coulter's thoughts on food. Foodorama quotes from an interview Ann Coulter did with Fave Foods of the Famous:

Fave Foods of the Famous: Choose some foods that are typically conservative, and those that are typically liberal.

Ann Coulter: Conservative: Things that taste good. Liberal: Things that are grown within fifty yards of where you're eating.

There really isn't anything else for me to say about that. Except that one of the staunchest conservatives I know (my dad...who doesn't read this) loves to mix up a protein shake in a blender in the morning...filling the whole thing...and drink it straight out of the blender. And that's his breakfast. Oh, and then there was the time he wanted to eat our garlic naan with his black-bean-and-corn salsa. None of that tastes good.

Eat, drink, and keep hoping the Obamas turn the White House lawn into an organic garden.


Anonymous said...

I just found out that the salsa I've been buying is made locally! Luckily I was able to source some from Minnesota. I wouldn't want to embarrass myself so I'll be paying a lot more for the extra fuel to ship it here, and I won't mind losing the health benefits of tomatoes grown where they can actually survive outside during the winter and without chemical pesticides. Also, the old place was a co-op that supported local schools, but it was probably just a scam. I mean Oakland public schools are in tip top shape! Thank god for you, Anne. These sure are confusing times.

Anonymous said...

Update. I just found out the salsa from Minnesota is GAY! Shoot. Back to the drawing board.