The Annual Kidlitosphere Conference

It's official! I've registered for the Annual Kidlitosphere Conference in Washington D.C. on October 17th! Organized by the intrepid MotherReader, it'll be a wonderful opportunity to network and learn about better blogging (which goodness knows, I need!).

MotherReader has posted a list of attendees, and lots of bloggers have shared their previous experiences at the conference, including Liz Burns and Lee Wind.

Lastly, I'm finalizing my hotel room, and I would LOVE to have a roommate to share costs. If you're considering attending but not quite sure if you can afford it, go in on a room with me. Let me know if you're interested...but do it soon - time's running out!

And this will give me a chance to hand out my beautiful Pinot and Prose business cards!!!!

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