One of my favorite Christmas presents:

Fabulous, right? Thanks to my super-cool brother, his beautiful wife, and my darling niece and nephew!

The shirt makes me think of that great line from The Holiday (shush to the haters): "You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for god's sake!" Indeed.

Eat, drink, and play the lead.


Kristin Cashore said...

ZOMG! I love it. Any idea where they got it?

Unknown said...

Okay, I've polled the family and none of us can figure out "ZOMG". What's the "Z"?

I think it was a CafePress thing, something like that. I'll ask my sis-in-law.

Erin, you should have one. What a way to make a statement in your new city!

Kristin Cashore said...


It just means I'm SUPER excited. And that I'm Internet Cool. :D