SLJ Battle of the Books: Self-Reflection

It's official: Fire did not rise from the dead. The Frog Scientist edged its way in which, I have to confess, shocked the hell out of me. Nevertheless, I fight on.

Here is my Fire quote for today:

[...]even if she sensed pity in the feeling of her
watching friends. The pity only made her more stubborn.

You know those passages in books that make you smile knowingly because you identify so wholeheartedly with the emotions of a particular character? Or nod appreciatively at a situation in a book...because you've been there too? That was this one for me.

As if my Fire-related, SLJ-Battle-of-the-Books-inspired quotes for the past two weeks haven't been the ultimate testament to my stubbornness...

I guess I have to pick a favorite for the final round. Not picking one would be like watching the Super Bowl without a team. Everyone knows you have to choose a side. Therefore, I'm going....

Team Marching Freedom!

Game on!

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Monica Edinger said...

What a, er, hopping good sport you are! (And, btw, thanks for a very fun time at Greenwillow yesterday.)