Stolen Moments

I'm working on a post - Miracle of Miracles! - but it's not ready yet.  Which is a way to say that I'm going to post it once I've had less wine and can proofread it properly.

It's been a busy month: visiting my best friend (aka Soul Twin) in Virginia, a week in Texas for a conference, a week of my mother-in-law (aka MC) visiting, and a week of my parents visiting (which I'm still in the middle of).  In the midst of the craziness, though, I've felt full and blessed.  In particular, we took a trip to Eataly* with MC and it was inspiring - I felt so centered when I left.

At one point, Bug hijacked our camera and started taking pictures of her own.  Can you guess which photos are mine and which are hers?

Eat, drink, and enjoy your stolen moment of calm and beauty...

* My previous post on Eataly


carina said...

I'm so jealous. Eataly is on the top of my 'if-I-ever-make-it-to-NYC - to-do-list.' I so want to go.

Unknown said...

LOL, because Copenhagen (yes, the whole city) is on my to-do list!

I've never been to Spain but I've had a couple people tell me Eataly is a lot like the big markets in Spain.