YAY! Last Wednesday's Dining Section!

It’s a little late to be sharing this, but last week’s NYT Dining section had a pretty good gift giving section (and the website features a nifty slide show) – it was such a relief to see some non-Williams Sonoma gifts! In fact, the article features some egg cups from the MoMA Design Store that I’m going to buy for ma petite famille – I don’t even want to tell you what I’ve been using for egg cups when I make Clotilde’s Soft-Boiled Eggs with Artichoke Bread Fingers recipe. Suffice to say, I’ve had to improvise heavily. Now it seems I can not only get some proper egg cups, but I can actually get some with a modern groove thang going on. Unfortunately, it appears you can't these online...which means I have to trudge on down to friggin SoHo. Merde!

- There was also a chocolate truffle article that sounded pretty damn good. I’m not a sweets kind of gal, but I provide the recipe and picture here for posterity.

- There was also a list of culinary books with an off-the-beaten-track flavor, but none of them stuck out much for me. I provide the link here, though, because it could be the last-minute gift you’re looking for.

- I may not volunteer in a soup kitchen during the holidays, but I do donate well. Apparently Kevin Bacon does work for food banks…is it incredibly superficial to ogle the picture of Kevin instead of reading the article??? Yes, I know it is. So I did read the article and found some ideas for charities to donate to…and then I ogled Kevin. Can't afford the time? Then spend $10 less per person on your holiday list and send the leftover proceeds to a local food bank. Do what you can.

- Pink champagne…or rosé champagne? It doesn’t matter. This article made me thirsty for “drama in a glass” (as quoted by Mireille Guiliano).

Bon appetit and happy holidays to all!

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