"Build a little birdhouse in your soul"

I remember being introduced to They Might Be Giants in the 9th grade: April Crittenden was listening to Flood on her Walkman on our way to a ski trip. I thought it was just about the weirdest thing I had ever heard and, truth be known, we totally teased April about it because it was all so strange and new.

Cue college and I fell in love with and married a huge TMBG fan.

Now I have a kid who watches the Disney Channel where it’s impossible not to hear They Might Be Giants.

So you can probably guess what happened: 18 years later, after making fun of April, I’m a dedicated fan of the band. Check out Zooglobble’s interview with TBMG member John Flansburgh as they chat about the new kids’ album, Here Come the 123s.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to go read that interview. Somehow TMBG passed me by. Now, Deee-lite, that's a different story...

Meanwhile, here's a great piece on "Flood" from my blogging pal Quiet Bubble:



amy cray said...

i have a picture of you, me, and april on that camping trip.