Bacon and Chocolate: an inspired pairing

- From the Chicago Sun-Times, chocolate-covered bacon ("bacon truffles") are being served up at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, as well as the Minnesota State Fair.

- YumSugar has an actual recipe up, but I definitely wouldn't use semi-sweet and white chocolate. Instead, I'd go for something like this.

- I kid you not: the bacon-chocolate martini.

- Oh, the weird deliciousness continues: bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple cinnamon glaze!

- Oh, people. It keeps going: bacon-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies! Dammit, if only I baked! I must have these! The Soul Twin has one those fancy-schmancy KitchenAids...I should beg her to make me some of these and bring them to me next time she's in NYC. Any else reading this a NY-er willing to bake for me? Pleeeease? I'll invite you over for dinner and I'll make you a friggin feast. You bring dessert: specifically, these cookies. Because that's the kind of bossy hostess that I am. (Update: our friends J & L just left our apartment after a night of chimichurri sauce and steak...I mentioned this recipe...and L says she reads my blog...maybe they'll make me the cookies???? Because, you know, they're...bakers...)

- I bought Vosges' Mo's Bacon Bar while on my vacation in Oregon, and I luuuurved it. Salty, sweet, crunchy, smoky. Bacon and chocolate make sense, just like coffee and chocolate do: the smoky saltiness of the bacon brings out chocolate's natural qualities. I highly recommend Mo's Bacon Bar. Asking yourself why you would possibly try such an odd combination? Well, shut off your brain and ask yourself "why not?" Just do it.

- Last but not least, look what the Husband brought home from work:

Seriously, the bacon spins around...

Eat, drink, and realize bacon really does make everything better

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