Playing catch-up

So I certainly haven't been as prolific in my blogging lately.  However, unlike in the past when my excuse was laziness, I can happily confirm that the reason I've been slagging lately is because of my glittering, happy life.  Seriously! 

Here's what I've been up to:
  • Renewing my YALSA membership.  I have lovely YA librarian friends who are encouraging me (or harrassing me, in some cases) to get more involved with teen librarianship and literature.  I do love YA books, YA librarians, and YA authors (oh, you know the clique of which I speak), and I would love the opportunity to hang with them some more.   I'm already a sucker for all things Georgia Nicolson and The Luxe ...why not put my obsession to good professional use?

  • Visiting the Jackson Heights farmers' market.  It opened for the season yesterday and it was the first time I had ever been there.  I was pleasantly surprised by the selection: turkey, whole chickens, strawberries, asparagus, various lettuces, buffalo mozzarella.  And I was assured by my friends who live in the neighborhood that this was just the beginning; more vendors join the group as the season progresses. 

  • Also in Jackson Heights, my friend Lori turned me on to Espresso 77.  Amazing coffee drinks and incredible pastries.  I was tempted by the spinach scone but resisted.  Lori said they have also had peach-ginger scones as well as Gruyere scones!  On top of it all, they had t-shirts on the wall with sayings like "I Love Queens" and "Jackson Heights" printed on them.  Given the enormous rainbow flag waving outside the shop, the word "queens" takes on such fantastic connotations (not to mention that the day I was hanging out in JH there was also a huge gay pride parade).  Lastly, I took this picture at the accoutrements station (in case it's difficult to see, the sign says "visualize queens"):

  • Still working on the possible collaboration with Edible Queens.  I'll keep you updated.

  • Starting culinary school at ICE tomorrow.  Feeling panicky.  And sleep-deprived.  Here is a picture of my ensemble:

    Those of you who know me will know that I immediately cracked a smile once this photo was taken.  And I really do love my knife that much - my Favorite Kitchen Item.  The 10-inch Wide Wusthof chef's knife, in case you're wondering.  As evidence of my true self, I offer this:

  • Thinking about those two School Library Journal  reviews that are a week late...

  • Recovering from a dinner party last Thursday night (fish tacos with lime-cilantro crema*), another one on Saturday night (crostini with various locally-produced toppings - one of which was the pea shoot pesto), and then one more dinner party last night (grilled asparagus and grilled lettuce from JH farmers' market; grilled corn and fantastic bread from Food Cellar  in Long Island City; strawberries marinated in balsamic for dessert).  And it's not over: we have guests - Amy , Lisa , and their daughter Ella - arriving on Thursday.  But they are the Best Houseguests Ever so I'm not sweating it too much.

  • Looking forward to trying the new restaurant, Aged, in Forest Hills with Jenn (of Reading Rants...whose blog I'm having difficulty linking to right now).  It's clearly off to a rocky start, but I'm willing to dive in.  We'll see...

So I think that's everything...yeah.  I think so.  Maybe.  I'm just completely discombobulated.  Book reviews are coming soon...ish.  Stay tuned!

* Note: I don't use the low-fat versions the recipe calls for.  I'm all about full-fat, thank you.


Sarah Wynde said...

Just found your blog (from Kristin Cashore's blog)--I like food, I like books, I like kids and I've thought about trying cooking school, so I was excited to keep reading. But where is your RSS button? How do I add your blog to my reader?

Sarah Wynde said...

Oops, forgot to check the email button so am commenting again so you have it.