Virginia, Photographically

Oh, Virginia. It was amazing. I can't express it in words other than to show you:

Vintage Cellar wine and beer shop in Blacksburg. An amazing selection. And wine tastings that left us...um...happy.

The Soul Twin's husband (and my second husband) grilling pizza. If I ever leave NYC, it will be because I miss outdoor living like this.

I was flipping through the Soul Twin's cookbooks...and found this great Post-It with menu ideas for our weekend together.


Peanut butter cookies...only made with almond butter and chopped raw almonds. Unreal. Soul Twin and I thought that smoked, salted almonds would elevate it even more.

But the highlight of the trip was most definitely visiting Villa Appalaccia, a local winery. I've never been to Italy but I imagine that it's a lot like this winery. It was difficult to convince myself that I was actually on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. And - bonus! - the wines were excellent. Check out this gorgeousness:

The entrance to the tasting room

The entrance to a lovely sitting area

They had a bocce court!

The winery has a goat cheese (local, of course) plate. We shared this while sipping wine next to the bocce court. Idyllic indeed.

I can hardly believe we fit so much into three days. But we did and it was marvelous. Food, wine, and friends. Add books - which I did - and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Eat, drink, and explore new places.

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