California Food Love

I'm back from ALA Midwinter and so thrilled - I feel like the holidays and this conference have taken away so much of my free time.  I'm so ready to enjoy some food and time with my family!

I did have a truly awesome food moment at the conference: Liz Burns who blogs at A Chair, A Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy and Angie Manfredi (who blogs at Fat Girl Reading) stopped by the booth and told me they were going to In-N-Out, the greatest  fast food burger joint ever (as far as I'm concerned).  The California Girl in me oohed and aahed, and Liz and Angie were so affected by my food geekdom that they offered to bring some back for me.  One $40 round-trip taxi ride to In-N-Out later, and here is me gushing over my animal-style cheeseburger and cheese fries:

Amazing.  An absolute highlight for me.  It reassured me that, even though I live across the country, the things I love about home are still within reach.

Eat, drink, and get by with a little help from my friends (thanks, Liz and Angie!)


Sarah Hinkle said...

Umm, you look completely adorable Laura!

I know everyone loves In-N-Out, but what exactly sets it apart from regular fast food? Do elaborate on the animal style order too!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Sarah! How happy and goofy I look!

Okay, so the animal style order is a normal burger (or a cheeseburger, in my case) that includes extra mustard sauce, pickles, and grilled onions. On top of the standard lettuce, tomato, and normal portion of sauce. The sauce and onions make all the difference.

It's just a step above other fast food places. They don't freeze anything on-site (it all arrives fresh) nor do they have a heat lamp - every burger is made to order. Which means it does take a tad (just a tad) longer than, say, a McDonald's or Burger King. They also grind all their meat as well - so they're as hands-on as a fast food place can be.

It just all makes for a really moist burger. As a comparison, one of the reasons I am a devoted, loyal fan to NYC's Shake Shack is that it reminds me very much of an In-N-Out burger. Have a Shake Shack burger and you'll know how good In-N-Out is.

But, Sarah, you're a vegetarian!!!!

Brandi said...

I hear In-N-Out is fantastic, though I don't eat beef and therefore can't testify myself.

Liz B said...

So glad we could do that for you!

A terrific burger! When Angie & I sat down to eat ours, we sat at one of those big round tables that other people were already at.

All 3 people looked down at their confernence food, up at us, and asked "where is the in & out burger?" When we explained what we had done --

I have never seen 3 men look at me with such respect in their eyes!!