Working on this blog for the last 2+ years has greatly increased my awareness of and knowledge of photography.  But, truth be known, I'm more confused and overwhelmed than ever!  It's a big, wide world of cameras out there!

I started with a point-and-shoot, a Panasonic Lumix.  Now I have my Canon Rebel Xsi, which I adore.  But even now, a year after buying the Rebel, I'm already getting itchy for more.  We've added a zoom lens to our equipment and we're saving up for a macro lens.  I also want some filters and a dimmable flash.  

I also added Photoshop to my list of wants.  And I got it for Christmas, thanks to MC (my mother-in-law).  A friend of hers knows a photographer, and MC went to him for advice.  He randomly pulled an image from my blog and did a quick touch-up using his own Photoshop.  Here is the Before picture:

And here is After:

Big difference, right?  Sure, it's brighter in general, but he also brought out the blue of the plate and the yellow in the cheese.  And I'm guessing that even more could be done; for instance, I would love to get rid of the red folder in the background.  What the heck is that doing there?!

So I'll be playing with Photoshop in the months to come - can't wait!  Also, thanks to this photographer friend, I've added round reflector disks and a hand-held strobe to my growing list of wants.  

Now all I need is a super cute camera bag to hold it all in.  I particularly like this one:

Because we all know it's about the accessories, right?

Eat, drink, and continually learn.

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carina said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. So glad to have found your blog - it looks great. Librarian - and now at Harper Collins? You seem to be living my dream life:-D
Yes, I don't know what it is about Gilbert - maybe that's what happens when Julia Roberts starts portraying you in a movie. 'Jantelov' we call it in Danish. It is sort of a 'who-do-you-think-you-are' attitude.

Look forward to reading your blog.

Happy New Year