The Promise of Spring

The move to Manhattan is ON!  We'll be moving in a week - just one week! - but I'll do my  best to keep stopping by here.

Never for even a millisecond have I doubted this move - I'm so ready for the next adventure and new experiences.  That is...until I saw this this morning:

I planted garlic chives in the spring of 2009 and, as a complete surprise to me, they came back on their own last spring.  And here they are again.  And I have to leave them behind.

My friends in Queens, I know I'll see them again.  But my own herbs?  I'm not sure when I'll see those again.  I'm going to miss them...a lot.

Eat, drink, and transplant them?


Stacy Dillon said...

Pots in the kitchen work too. I have a bunch of little shoots coming up on my window sill indoors!

Unknown said...

Hey Stacy - that's what I think I'm going to try. I don't have a window in my new kitchen - it's sort of situated in the middle of the apartment - but I do have a big window in my living room. I'm going to try to transplant the chives. I mean, I've tried my best to kill them but they've stuck with me for three years. The least I can do is take them with me, right?