The Promise of Spring

The move to Manhattan is ON!  We'll be moving in a week - just one week! - but I'll do my  best to keep stopping by here.

Never for even a millisecond have I doubted this move - I'm so ready for the next adventure and new experiences.  That is...until I saw this this morning:

I planted garlic chives in the spring of 2009 and, as a complete surprise to me, they came back on their own last spring.  And here they are again.  And I have to leave them behind.

My friends in Queens, I know I'll see them again.  But my own herbs?  I'm not sure when I'll see those again.  I'm going to miss them...a lot.

Eat, drink, and transplant them?


Stasia D said...

Pots in the kitchen work too. I have a bunch of little shoots coming up on my window sill indoors!

Unknown said...

Hey Stacy - that's what I think I'm going to try. I don't have a window in my new kitchen - it's sort of situated in the middle of the apartment - but I do have a big window in my living room. I'm going to try to transplant the chives. I mean, I've tried my best to kill them but they've stuck with me for three years. The least I can do is take them with me, right?