My Idea of Heaven

Today was a Red Letter Day.

Why?  Because I was able to do something I have never been able to do: today I ran a dress rehearsal for a dinner I'm hosting tomorrow night for a few friends.

After the amuse-bouches I'm serving while Bug is still awake, this is the first course we'll be enjoying after she goes to bed: Fig and Walnut Salad with Manchego Crisps (inspired by The Improvisational Cook).  And since I've never tried it before, I worked on perfecting it at lunch today.

And truth be known, I also forced it on Adam last night too.

I know you what you guys are thinking: "Wednesday night rehearsal, Thursday lunch final dress, and then Friday night performance?  Aren't you tired of that thing yet?!"  And the answer is "Hell, no."  To have the time to do this is nothing short of pure decadence.

Eat, drink, and thank heavens for part-time work!

(NOTE: Enormous apologies for the lack of a photo - and, believe me, I took a gorgeous one - but my laptop crashed and my temporary replacement won't allow me to download photos...drama, drama, drama...but you'll have photos soon!)

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