Twilight: The Movie...Inevitably

Here's the press release, courtesy of Publishers Weekly:

Though many of Stephenie Meyer's fans may have dreamed of being Bella Swan, star of the author's Twilight saga, actress Kristen Stewart (seen most recently in Into the Wild) will play Bella in the movie adaptation of Twilight, and Robert Pattinson (who appeared as Cedric Diggory in the last two Harry Potter movies) will star as Edward. Production of the Summit Entertainment film begins production next February and will be directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Lords of Dogtown). Melissa Rosenberg (Step Up) adapted Meyer's novel for the screen.

Cedric Diggory as Edward???? Swoooon! And yes, of course, I dream of being Bella. But, you know, less whiny and way more capable of self-defense. But the big question still remains: who did they cast as Jacob????

Discuss! Discuss!

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