On the Menu

I just wrote two blog posts and realized I could write 10 more about all the great food I've been cooking and eating lately. Which I can't do, of course, because I need to fix lunch, plus I have a kid here who is dying to play some Clue (which is awesome, except that she always wants to be Miss Scarlet and I'm stuck being Peacock. Boo.). So here is a round-up of the food in my life lately with links to the recipes:

Saumon l'Unilaterale from French Women Don't Get Fat (remember I said recently I was getting back to my French inspiration? This was part of that pleasurable goal.)

Calamari from Giada de Laurentiis' Everyday Italian (pair it with Victory Brewery Company's Golden Monkey)

Warming Winter Pasta with Gorgonzola, Walnuts, Spinach, and Single Malt from thepassionatecook (I used Google for all the measurement conversions)

Bangers and Mash (part of our anti-Valentine's Day celebration. Drank lots of English brown ales with this and watched Monty Python's Flying Circus episodes)

Dumplings from Amateur Gourmet (good but not great. I'm going to try frying them next time and adding some spicy heat to the pork mixture. Additionally, I tried his flour-and-water concoction and it went horribly. Would it kill him to include any sort of measurements?!)Eat, drink, and look forward to each new food experience!


LaurieA-B said...

Hi Laura: It feels a little awkward recommending "my" book, but I do highly recommend Matthew's fried dumpling recipe in Hungry Monkey. We make them all the time, almost weekly, and they are so good. Recently we made a double batch to fill the freezer of friends with a new baby, and it was a big hit.

Unknown said...

NOT awkward, Laurie - I was incredibly disappointed with this experience but definitely want to try it again (with a different "recipe"...as this wasn't a real recipe). I mean, they were okay...but I wanted more, you know? Obviously, I have Hungry Monkey so I will be sure to check it out.

That said, there were a ton of leftovers that I froze - I'm re-heating them this week and will try frying them. Maybe that'll be better?