Avis DeVoto: A Seaside Lunch

You guys!  What took me so long to read AS ALWAYS, JULIA: THE LETTERS OF JULIA CHILD & AVIS DEVOTO?!  I bought it on a whim yesterday and, in the first 20 pages alone, I have dog-eared four pages, marked a recipe, and circled numerous parts that I've loved.  This book is heaven, absolutely heaven.

So on this dreary NYC day where winter is still hanging on (though I take comfort in the fact that it will eventually lose), I offer up this quote from Avis DeVoto (which is also a sort of recipe):

Cape Ann also provides what I stubbornly maintain are the world's best lobsters.  I also stubbornly maintain that the only real way to cook lobsters is in three to four inches of sea water, in a covered kettle, for about twelve minutes (pound and a quarter lobsters being the ideal size).  You then drape these dazzling creatures over the rocks until they cool off a bit, tear them apart with the bare hands, dip each piece in melted butter, and guzzle.  There should from two to six lobsters per person [!].  While the lobsters cook and cool off, two dry Martinis a la DeVoto should be served.  Nothing whatever else should be served - we are eating all the lobster we want, we are not fooling around with salad or strawberry shortcake or even coffee.  All you need are the martinis, plenty of lobsters, millions of paper napkins, and a view.

Emphasis and exclamation point are my own, of course.  Can you believe this?!  Ye gads.

Eat, drink, and add seaside lobster-and-martini lunch to my Life To-Do List.

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