Foods I Haven't Tried: Macarons

Several weeks ago, I came across this post at The Culinary Librarian about NYC Macaron Day.  First, I didn't even know there such a day in New York (March 20th).  Which is bad.  But then....here it comes...my big confession: I HAVE NEVER HAD A MACARON.

It's purely circumstantial. They weren't on my radar when I was 17 years old and staying in Paris - at the time, I only ate white foods (don't get me started...).  I don't have a sweet tooth.  No one in my circle of foodie friends introduced me to macarons.  I don't frequent bakeries.  If I'm going to have a macaron, I want it to be the right one.  Not to be crude...but when you have sex for the first time,  you want it to be right: lighting, emotions,timing.  That can be the same with food.  If I'm going to try a fresh oyster on the half-shell for the first time, I want it to be right.  I want quality, I want the sea, I want a glass of bubbly, I want the right person next to me.

Which is how I feel with this whole macaron issue.  I regularly shop at Eli's Manhattan, where they have macarons on display.  But are those the best?  Do I really want those macarons to be My First?  Probably not.  But I feel like I'm missing out.  Not to mention that now I feel like I've built macarons up so much in my mind that they can't really live up to my expectations.

Tell me I'm not alone in this, guys.  What haven't you tried?  Share!  Divulge!  And when do you plan on rectifying it?  Or when you finally did have that First Time, was it really as great as you had hoped?

Eat, drink, and have lots of Firsts.

Image from Macaron Day NYC website


Mary aka The Culinary Librarian said...

Hi Laura!

I hope you enjoyed my Macaron day post! Where are you located? More and more places are getting the macaron fever. I hope it catches where you live. In the meanwhile if you are feeling a little adventurous, try baking your own! There are a lot of factors to them and they take a bit of time, care and finesse, but odds are when you make them the first time they won't come out wrong.

You can also order them by mail and most places who send them will ensure they arrive fresh.

Thanks again!

Gretchen said...

I recommend a trip to Laduree in Paris for your first macarons! Buy a small box, savor every bite and save the box as a keepsake. Heavenly!

Unknown said...

Exactly my point, Gretchen. I'm so tempted to hold out for the very best!

Culinary Librarian, I'm in NYC - which made your post that much more deliciously torturous. I had no idea this was going on in my own city! I've heard that macarons can be very finicky to make - which is fine by me since I don't bake much. So what's your favorite place to get them in NYC?

Also, CL, loved the Food Truck post. My favorite at Treats Truck? The peanut butter cookies. HANDS DOWN. But then I love the caramel cremes too...

Mary aka The Culinary Librarian said...

My favorites in Manhattan are definitely Macaron Cafe (36th or 59th) and Bisousciao downtown.

I'm glad you enjoyed the Food Trucks post! It was a great event. Such a powerful was to get food to people right now. Thinking we need a macaron truck! :)

Go eat macarons and be happy! Let them get to room temperature if you get them cold and I'd try the florals. They're the most delicious! My favorite is lychee-rose from Macaron Cafe!

Alexa said...

Ok, first of all, hi. Secondly, I know you don't live in NJ anymore, and it seems weird to cross the bridge/tunnel for french macarons, in New Jersey of all places, BUT BUT! this place is to die for:
Patisserie St Michel in Teaneck. Seriously. http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2007/07/14/nj-dining-patisserie-st-michel/

Anonymous said...


If you're still in Salem, OR go to the Little Cananoli (SP) Bakery dowtown, under the Reed Opera House. They make the best macarons that I've had.

Cheers - Jenelle Ford - Cubanisimo Vineyards