Where to Find Me: Social Media

While I'm waiting for my technical kinks to get worked out, there are a few other places you can find me:
  • I recently started a Facebook fan page: Pinot and Prose.  Come on over there, "like" me, and we can keep talking over there.
  • Hopefully you know that I'm on Twitter (@foodandbooks) - you can follow me there.
  • I'm addicted to Pinterest.  Seriously.  Just love it.  If you're on Pinterest, say hi to me there as well (though I have to confess I seem to be pinning fashion more than anything!).
  • I started a Tumblr blog but, honestly, I'm not quite sure what to do with it yet.  Nevertheless, I'm there too. 
Also, I'm still working on my blog redesign - my awesomely talented friend, Shannon of War Admiral Press, is helping me out.  So stay tuned!

Eat, drink, and be social with me on social media!

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