Happy Thanksgiving

Well, lovely readers, I'm off for the holidays.  Think it's odd that I haven't mentioned what I'm making for Thanksgiving?  That's because I won't be making anything this year (nor did I last year - I was in Anguilla, eating grilled local crayfish).  This year....wait for it...I will be eating at a Thanksgiving buffet in ORLANDO.  Or-friggin-lando.  A million self-pitying sighs.

But before you feel too bad for me, let me tell you why we're going there.  We're finally taking Bug to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, otherwise known as Harry Potter World.  And the best bit is that Bug doesn't know: we told her we didn't have money to travel since we're saving up for a European trip next summer.  But we're going to wake her up on Thanksgiving morning and, with her bag already packed, tell her we're leaving on a jet plane to Harry Potter World.  Bug's love of all things Harry Potter has been documented here, and this is going to be nothing short of outstanding.

Parents of the Year Award?  Perhaps.  No, no, no.  I'm just happy to be nominated by the Academy.

Before I take off, though, I must share with you these fantastic stuffed fruits and vegetables from IKEA:

I'm in love.  I can't tell which one I want more, the broccoli or the carrot.  The strawberry is too predictably girly.  Wouldn't these make fun gifts for young foodies...or old ones too?  (Enormous thanks to my pal Marjorie for the link)

Well, guys, I'm off.  I'll be back next week with picture of the buffet in Orlando!  You excited?  Yeah, I thought you might say that...

Eat, drink, and do it for the kids.

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carina said...

I don't think you will have to do any fake 'it's an honor just to be nominated' smile. You will certainly win!! Have a wonderful time.