This Week's Menu: The MLK Weekend Edition

So I was going to chat about today’s NYT Dining section, but I’m just not feeling like it. Because those posts are rather time-consuming, the Husband is working late, and the kiddo is in bed…I’m feeling like watching “House Hunters International” rather than sitting at the computer. I just finished a Fresh Direct order and made a grocery list for Adam to take to Chelsea Market. Here’s what I’m making this holiday weekend:

FRIDAY: All-Day Breakfast Salad. It’s an all-Jamie-Oliver-Cook-With-Jamie weekend, as it’s my newest cookbook and I’m having fun tinkering with it. This has salad greens, a poached egg, sautéed bread, bacon, and chives all mixed up together. Doesn’t sound too shabby for a Friday night meal!

SATURDAY: Fish Lasagne. Intriguing, no? Lots of veggies, shrimp, white fish (I’m going to try skate with this – god, I love skate), cherry tomatoes (I know they’re out of season, but I’m being sucked in…), Parmesan, pancetta…I’m telling you, this is going to rock. I can feel it.

SUNDAY: Potato rosti and salad. Like I said, all-Jamie-weekend. I’m intrigued by this – apparently it was a “classic potato dish of the 1980’s”??? But I assure you my mom never made this. It’s sort of like a very thin, crispy hash brown pie. With whole cloves of garlic. Need I say more? Doing a simple salad on the side with white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and goat cheese.

MONDAY: Filet mignon with “Best Onion Gratin”. It’s a holiday so I can still go the more elaborate route. I’m doing the filet mignon, but the gratin is Jamie’s. Apparently I’m doing all the root vegetables to alleviate my guilt over the totally non-seasonal tomatoes in the lasagne. The gratin has red onions, white wine, garlic, Gruyere, crème fraiche, and Parmesan. How can I possibly go wrong?

Bon appetit!

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