Yay! Last Wednesday! NYT Dining Section!

As mentioned earlier, I was absent from the blogosphere for a bit – we had guests for two weeks and I had some Mock Newbery reading to do. And I ended up ditching the Mock Newbery discussion anyway. I got completely overwhelmed, especially for a gal like myself who really likes her quiet, personal time more than is reasonable.

So I’m actually here to tell you that last week’s NYT Dining section was really uneventful. The restaurants weren’t terribly inspiring and there was an article about heat that lost me after the second paragraph. There was also a big article about NYC’s need for a permanent farmers’ market, like those in London and San Francisco. I couldn’t muster excitement about that article either since all the locations discussed are in Lower Manhattan, which is hell and gone from my little abode in Queens. I’ll have to stick with Union Square.

But the shining light was an article on cleavers! Cleavers! Cool! Apparently they’re not just for hacking meat! Apparently you can use them on such delicate items as shrimp. Shrimp! Needless to say, I got all starry-eyed and dreamy over the whole thing…I don’t have a cleaver…yeah, there’s lots of things I can use a cleaver on…I haven’t bought a new knife for myself since…well, since a long time ago! There were two in particular I was in love with: the Kershaw Shun and the Global. The Kershaw Shun, according to the article, has a slight curve to the blade so you can rock it a bit like a chef’s knife, thus making it more versatile, and the handle is gracefully ergonomic. But it’ll set you back 3-hundy from Williams-Sonoma. The Global is a totally different knife, appropriate for vegetable chopping. And it’ll only set me back $85 at Zabar’s or $93 from Broadway Panhandler. The only problem is that I already have knives similar to the Global. My birthday is coming up this summer, and that Kershaw Shun is going to be on my list!!!

Alas, better luck this Wednesday. The good news is that I’ve had two recent cooking debacles. Seriously, I really fubared things. And I’ve got pictures to show just how bad I messed up. Stay tuned for the posts.

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