Checking In

This is the blog post to remind everyone that I am, in fact, still blogging. I've had very little time and very limited computer access during this working vaca. During my absence, I've been writing blog posts on scraps of paper, visiting farmers' markets, eating the best sushi I've had to date, wine tasting, sitting at the same table as Remy Charlip, reading lots of books...and taking pictures of none of it. Which all you foodies will hate me for when I tell you about the amazing food* I've been eating lately. I'll be coming up for air** later this week so look for posts sometime then.

Eat, drink, and fall in love with California

* Chez Panisse is tomorrow!!!!! All hail Alice Waters!!!!

** I checked my Bloglines today for the first time in almost 2 weeks, and I only have 200+ posts to read. I feel so...disconnected.


Anali said...

I know the feeling - mark all read is my new favorite button, though it kills me to do it.

Unknown said...

Mmmmmmmmm Chez Panisse.

That food didn't suck at all!