It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your librarian!

Yesterday, on my MySpace, I got very emotional about the anniversary of 9/11. I don't know - it just hit me harder this year. I'm guessing it's one of those Life Place issues.

ANYWAY, today I'm not introspective and contemplative. I'm back to being all mad. So check out this great article at Mother Jones about the 4 Connecticut librarians who stood up to the FBI agents (or, as someone in the Comments section called them, the Goon Squad). You know the ones. The article, dramatically, is called "America's Most Dangerous Librarians." Word up. Even the photo is renegade:

It's a skilled photographer who can make this group actually look like they could kick your ass.

Support your library and your librarians - a librarian may protect your civil liberties and your freedom to read, learn, and explore.

Awesome photo by Antonin Kratochvil/VII

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Anonymous said...

Well at least we'll know who to call if McCain and his book burning sidekick get into office!!