SLJ Battle of the Books: Humor

I liked today's contest: The Last Olympian vs. The Lost Conspiracy. Angela Johnson was very...diplomatic. The Last Olympian is fun...it's riveting...it's un-put-down-able. But it's not all that challenging...at least, that's how I interpreted Ms. Johnson's analysis. Where I thought she did an exceptional job was not being judgmental about that. She still heaps praises on The Last Olympian. In the end, though, The Lost Conspiracy won out.

That said, I'm just hanging in there for the Undead round, hoping my beloved Fire stages an epic comeback. Until then, here is my quote for the day:

Fire's tears were real now, and there was no helping them, for there was no time. Everything was moving too fast. She crossed the room to him, put her arms around him, clung to him, turning her face to the side, learning all at once that it was awkward to show a person all of one's love when one's nose is broken.

Love this. Just loved this. It's this tender, intimate moment...it's pivotal...and yet we laugh. Yes, a broken nose can be a hindrance when finally letting your guard down and showing someone your love. I've soooo been there, girl.

A couple days off..where I'm hoping to actually take a break from BotB blogging...and then back on Monday for Marching for Freedom vs. A Season of Gifts. And stay tuned for the graphic novel battle on March 30th: A Storm in the Barn vs. Tales from Outer Suburbia...judged by none other than Shannon Hale!!!

Game on!

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Sarah Rettger said...

Laura, that's one of my favorite lines from the book!