SLJ Battle of the Books: My Favorite Passage from Fire

Go check out SLJ Battle of the Books for the first elimination: Claudette Colvin vs. Charles and Emma.

Here is your Fire (by Kristin Cashore) quote for today (my favorite one):

And now it was the speed of Fire and Small versus the swarm descending upon her from the north and from above. Under her, Small was desperate and wonderful. He had never flown so fast.
When I first read this passage, the first time I read Fire, I gasped out loud. I do not exaggerate. The characterization was just gorgeous: this beautiful woman riding this leaning, stumpy, "small-minded" horse while these vividly colored flying monsters attack them from all sides, clawing and biting them. Small is the Hobbit of horses - he's determined and gentle and protective and loving. Don't even think of underestimating him just because of his size or his perceived intelligence. He is as loyal a companion as you could ever have, and he's one of the few things on earth that asks nothing of Fire. They have a true partnership, which is a rare and precious thing for her.

All captured in this brief passage. Brilliant.

Tomorrow's the day: Fire vs. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Make the right choice, Nancy Farmer*!

* I certainly don't envy her this decision - I loved Calpurnia Tate, I did. And these are such different books - how do you even compare them? But in the case that Fire loses, you bet your arses that I voted for Fire in the Undead Poll so I'll keep posting quotes, hoping for a resurrection!

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Erin said...

The Hobbit of horses! Perfect way to say it.