Zipper Test

It's official: this Leek Soup thing is no walk in the park.  I actually felt a bit woozy yesterday afternoon so I took a few bites of the Nutella panini that Bug was eating (stopping at Bar Veloce may not have been my smartest move ever...).  I know some of you are going to do the Leek Soup recalibration as well, and I urge you to make sure you're eating more than leeks, if you need to.  Have a few nuts, or a piece of excellent-quality cheese, or...in my case...some Nutella.  Just make sure to choose your "cheat" carefully and enjoy it!

I read a bit more in FRENCH WOMEN DON'T GET FAT yesterday, and I have the perfect passage to share with you.  It's from the beginning of Chapter 3 and it really sums up the essence of what we're doing here:
While diets are often inspired by fear and self-loathing, such emotions do not show the way toward living like a French woman.  To embrace recasting, you have to be ready to embrace pleasure and individual happiness as your goals.  Sounds paradoxical?  At least half our bad eating and drinking habits are careless; they grow out of inattention to our true needs and delights.  We don't notice what we are consuming, we are not alert to flavors - we are not really enjoying our indulgences, and therefore we think nothing of them and overdo it.
When I first read this, I highlighted it and underlined it; it really hit home.  When you're eating, ask yourself if you're really enjoying what's going in your mouth...the flavors, the texture...and, if it's not delicious, why would you keep eating it?  Be mindful and conscious...and indulge smartly.  It's also about self-confidence: you're amazing so why would you settle for second-best?  You're awesome so why would you settle for a low-fat, chemical-laden block of "cheese" rather than something like a tart, crumbly, delicious Bucheron?  Don't settle for anything but the best quality you can afford!

I also had a chat via Facebook with a friend who is feeling the same way I am.  And she said that, in the past, when she has felt less than her best, she cuts out bread, pasta, and/or red wine for a time - that really helps her get back on track.  Which is awesome.  Again, know your strengths, know your body.  That said, I can't go that route - bread and wine, preferably on a daily basis, are things that I love, that I'm passionate about, that make me content and pleased.  So on that note, I like this passage:
Deprivation is the mother of failure.  Any program that your mind interprets as punishment is one your mind is bound to rebel against.  Whether your pleasure is a glass of wine with dinner or a croissant for breakfast, you simply cannot deprive yourself for extended periods of time and not expect your body to take revenge.
Mireille Guiliano goes on to advocate a day of rest, a Sabbath, when you can enjoy those things you love in moderation.  But her rules (good ones) are "no junk, good quality, and respectfully savored."  

So this is the last of my perhaps overly confessional blog posts, at least for awhile: today, I'm talking about the Zipper Test...photos and all.  First, I want to share a pre-French photo of myself (yes, I realize I just had a baby in this picture...but this is very representative of my look since about 14 years old):

And here's post-French - this was the weight I truly felt bien dans ma peau:

Now, I picked my pair of pants and shirt that I'm going to use to help me gauge my success.  Some of you are fans of the scale: if you feel like that's the best way for you, then go for it.  But I hate the scale and, personally, I feel like it can be so misleading.  Another way to gauge your success is using a measuring tape.  Again, I'm not a huge fan of that, but that's something else you may want to use.

So here is the shirt:

It's hard to tell from the photo, of course, but the buttons pull so tight around my stomach that you can see glimpses of skin.  And here are the pants:

They can't be buttoned.  Which breaks my heart - I loooove these pants.  Particularly when they used to be my "baggy" pants.

So here we go!

Those of you following along with me, how is your reading going?  Are you automatically thinking, "She's full of crap - this won't work for me!"  Are you enjoying it?  Are you trying the food diary?  What quotes do you love?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

Eat, drink, and study for the Test! 8-)


Vanessa said...

Here go the leeks! I made the soup last night and was surprised at how hearty and fragrant the broth smelled. Then also surprised at how clear it remained (not sure what I was expecting...leeks to magically become dark beef broth?). Of course, this morning there was no way I was getting through the day without my coffee fix, so there went the "purity" of the 2 day leek-fest. But, like you said, adapt and make it workable for yourself, right?

As for the food diary, I agree with you. I don't have the time or desire to spend 3 weeks writing down what I eat. Besides, I'm motivated NOW to alter my eating habits, so tracking my intake for 3 weeks isn't going to be representative of what got me to this point. Here's to less contemplation, more action.

Thanks for the motivation, Laura!

aclantis said...

I am just proud of anyone who can even attempt the Leek Soup recalibration! I tried it for one day and just about fell over-this is likely because I tend to be hypotensive normally and have a normally low heart rate so (mostly) liquid "fasts" don't work with my body (just as you said, ST, go with what works for YOU!). When I recalibrate, I typically tend to enjoy (seriously) raw vegetables and lean protein. I know this sounds crazy (especially for my ST, as I used to abhor vegetables!)-but it just works for me. Makes me alert and energetic and completely refocuses me. Thank you so much for sharing, my dear sister.

Unknown said...

Right, Vanessa? The leek soup reminds you how fragrant leeks are - when I made it, my whole apartment was filled with the scent of leeks! It's a good way to start French-ness, being hyper aware of how things smell. And, by the way, I didn't skip coffee either. That's a Must Have, No Compromises part of my daily ritual. And Mireille Guiliano is in favor the daily ritual so we're good... 8-)

And, Vanessa, SUCH a good point about the food diary! I feel EXACTLY the same way! Let's get started NOW!

Andrea, yes. Definitely. I really need that protein to keep me going...