Bliss List

Here I go again with more author blogs. Which is unintentional, in this case. It’s just that Melissa Marr, author of Wicked Lovely (one of the coolest covers of the year), writes a blog and she wrote a “bliss list” – a list of things that make you smile. And she invited others to share theirs. I thought it was such a lovely idea on a sunny Friday that I decided to jump on board. Here’s mine:

  • Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, Heartland Brewery’s Smilin’ Pumpkin Ale, homemade pumpkin ice cream at the Mushroom Festival last weekend…all things pumpkin being available.

  • Having friends over for dinner tonight, going out to dinner with friends tomorrow night, having friends over for dinner next Saturday night. We finally have made some friends, and NYC is starting to feel more and more like home.

  • My daughter playing at the park yesterday with a friend…when her friend hit another kid, Isabell promptly told him to apologize to the victim. And he did.

  • Indigo Girls’ "Power of Two". This song has a hundred memories for me, and I was just reminded of that yesterday.

  • The hydrangeas sitting on the kitchen table that Adam and Isabell bought for me yesterday because they’re one of my absolute favorite flowers.

  • The Union Square Farmer’s Market. I’m going there tomorrow and I’m blissfully happy about it.

Best weekend to all! See you next week when I’ll report on a lunch with Melissa Marr and the Random House Spring 2008 preview event. And of course, my usual coverage of the Wednesday NYT Dining section!

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gillian said...

wonderful bliss of the weekend:
the LES pickle festival! and then the city's best donut at donut plant