Last Week's Dining Section Round-Up

I know my coverage of the Dining section has been spotty lately. I have no excuse. Well, other than the usual clichés: work, family, work. And I like to squeeze in the occasional “me time”. As it is, I’m multi-tasking right now, watching Sleepless in Seattle* as I type and sipping a really oaky chardonnay. And for the record, I love big oaky wines. Am I the only one left out there?

This is going to be fairly short coverage: I didn’t find too many intriguing things in this past week’s section, which also accounts for the delay. There was an article about the difficulty of getting local carrots to NYC schools, but it just made me frustrated and powerless to create any positive changes. That article combined with the drought one in today’s Times Magazine just make me want to throw in the towel.

Anyhoo, there was a sorta fun article about curing your own olives, even in NYC. I would never do that – I don’t like olives – but it’s always fun to read about others who are so passionate about food and will go through great trouble to make the good stuff.

But other than that, there really wasn’t anything else noteworthy. Seriously. Oh well. The Dining section seems to be on an every-other-week rotation so I’m hoping for BIG things this coming week.

*For the record, I haven’t watched Sleepless in Seattle in 3 years. It’s fun to see Rosie before she got all belligerent and Meg before she tried to be edgy.

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