WHAT I'M COOKING: This Week's Menu

Well, I’d like to tell you all that, since the co-parent is home now, my menu is going to get more sophisticated and fancy-schmancy. But I can’t. Because like all families, particularly those with two parents working outside the home, I don’t have the time right now for anything challenging and fresh. What I do have time for, though, is hanging out with friends, enjoying Halloween with my family, and celebrating all the wonderfully warm flavors of autumn. And in the immortal words (or word, as is the case here) of that silly credit card company, the perfect way to sum that up is: priceless.

TONIGHT: We had no plans at all. So the kiddo got warmed up mac and cheese – the leftovers from our fatherless days. But I don’t just microwave it. Oh, no, not me. In fact, our “mikey” got donated with our move to NYC - no microwave in our house. I warmed it over the stove with some butter, half-and-half, and pecorino sprinkled in to give it a fresh flavor. With fresh-ground pepper, of course. The kiddo loved it and ate an apple with it. Adam will be home soon and he’s bringing fennel, portabellas, and monkfish for “adult dinner”. I’m going to roast the fennel with olive oil, salt, pepper, and parmesan. Then I’ll make a balsamic butter sauce to put over the grilled monkfish and mushrooms. Simple, elegant, and adults-only. Purrrrrrfect!

FRIDAY NIGHT: We are having some friends over at the last minute for a casual dinner. So I’m doing make-your-own pizzas. Adam will stop by the Chelsea Market on his way home tomorrow and pick up pizza dough, olives, pepperoni, basil, buffalo mozzarella (of course! Once you have buffalo, you can’t go back), roasted peppers, mushrooms, salame, and proscuitto. I have canned fire-roasted tomatoes I’ll use for a sauce. Presto! Instant fabulous dinner! And my friend apparently makes cinnamon fudge and she’s bringing some. I have NO doubt that I will swoon with the heavenliness of it all.

SATURDAY: We have a Halloween party at the kiddo’s school from 6-8 so we have to do a quickie meal. Which always translates to breakfast for me. I’m making poached local eggs, roasted local fingerling potatoes, grilled bread, and bacon. When time is short, go back to the basics, n’est-ce pas?

SUNDAY: Yay autumn! I’m doing Baked Goat Cheese and Roasted Winter Squash over Garlicky Fettuccine, courtesy of Cooking Light mag. I assure you, nothing about this meal tastes low in fat. The flavors will knock you off your feet. Yep, it’s that good. And can you think of another meal that captures autumnal flavors as well as this one? If you can, then I INSIST you send me the recipe. Otherwise, shhhhhh!

MONDAY: I’m bringing a breakfast-y dinner to the table again: Chestnut Pancakes with Bacon and Crème Fraîche, courtesy of Bon Appetit. The kiddo will put syrup over them, as will Adam too, but I like to sprinkle chives over it and call it good. I’ve only made it once before this, and I’m looking forward to giving it another go.

Anyone want to come over to join us? All we ask of our guests is a bottle of wine. If you knock on our door with a sangiovese in hand, you’re golden.


Anonymous said...

do i not live next door to you?

Unknown said...

Good question, Amy! You know that you, Ella, and Lisa can move in anytime!