Dream Come True!

Guess where I'm going to lunch on Tuesday, July 8th. Just...guess.

Thanks, Amy and Lisa, for getting the rezzie!!!!


Ellen said...

OMG, I am soooooooo jealous!
Hope it's just as beautiful and delicious as I suspect it is. Have a great time and please blog all about it when you get back. - Ellen

Unknown said...

Will do, Ellen! However, I don't think I'll take pictures of the meal. There are lots of food bloggers who do that kind of thing...but I definitely want to be in the moment and not worry about photographing it.

That said, I'm already looking forward to blogging about it! 8-) I have this sense that it'll be a pinnacle in my life.

Anonymous said...

So excited! We have never been before so it will be an adventure.