Lethal Weapon 2, SLJ, and food

It’s Saturday night, dinner is finished, and I know where my kid is….in bed! So naturally that means I won’t be with you people long because I have a husband to watch Lethal Weapon 2 with. So here are the bullet points:

- Get a good laugh over at Thursday Night Smackdown and their latest post. Want a preview? Check this out: “Tofu? Tofucked.” I mean, really. How much
better does it get?*

- How many times do I have to tell you people?! FOOD and CHILDREN’S LITERATURE are related! School Library Journal has an article on Alice Waters’ work with schools, children, and nutrition. I don’t know, though. Does this really mean that food and children’s lit are related…or that SLJ is just getting on board the We-Love-Alice-Waters train finally? Yeah, yeah guys, grab a ticket because we all love her.

- Um, New York was overcast and 93 degrees today. Tomorrow…get this…is supposed to be raining and 98 degrees. Seriously. And people gave me so much crap about living in Arizona – NYC is So Much Worse when it gets like this.

- I finished my 2nd How to Cook class at ICE today. Made stuff that I knew how to make. But totally got some one-on-one time with the chef and kinda wish I could hang out with her. She and I would chat and she’d be called away to help another group…then she’d come back of her own accord and pick up our conversation where we left off. Others were probably annoyed at this (I totally would have been); however, as the object of her affection, I had a great time. She’s no-nonsense and tough but she is so clearly passionate about food. I totally have hero worship right now.

Crap. The Husband just came out of the shower: “You finishing a blog post? Ready to watch the movie?” So that’s adieu to all of you so I can watch that friggin brilliant scene in LW2 when Danny Glover and Joe Pesci are in the South African embassy. Oh, you know how funny that scene is! You don’t? Well, then, you and I might not get along.

Eat, drink, and enjoy your Saturday night.

* FYI - I don't say this nonchalantly because I passionately feel that I should be open-minded to any and all foods. However, there is one food I don't think you'll ever see on my blog...and that is tofu. Looking for that special blog about the relationship between tofu and children's literature? This one isn't it. But I'm sure that blog exists out there...somewhere...


Lisa said...

One intersection of children's lit and tofu...Ella's favorite book about cats and tofu!

"New Cat lived in a tofu factory in the Bronx in New York City." So begins the story about New Cat. When Mr. Kim first arrived in New York he went to the shelter and got a cat. Everyone said to Mr. Kim, "Oh, you have a new cat."

Thus the cat was named and they settle into a comfortable routine at Mr. Kim's tofu factory. He should have called the cat Lucky, because the cat will help him out in unexpected ways. Now if only I could get some of Mr. Kim's tofu! Choi's playful illustrations enhance the tale.

Unknown said...

Okay, like, really? I tried finding the book to no avail - you didn't tell me the title or author, woman! And of course it's Ella's favorite - Ella is truly a NYC kid at heart. Yep, I think you need to move out here.

Anali said...

Ugh, that weather sounds awful! It's been a beautiful June so far in Phoenix with highs at only 104, but still in the mid-70s at night. Dry w/ light breezes. Biking has been lovely.

Lisa said...

New Cat
By: Yangsook Choi

When I originally posted I tried to be fancy and include an image of the cover...in my frustration, I neglected the author!