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Obviously, there’s been a dearth of blog posts from me lately – apologies, etc., etc. Luckily, there are lots of people out there with brilliant things to say so I’ll provide you all with some happy linkage:

- Trust Roger Sutton to put this whole Palin-as-Banner-of-Books issue into perspective. Palin inquiring about some “objectionable” books is ranked about 20th on the long list of many, many issues I have with her politics… Did she actually censor or ban anything? No. Thank goodness for librarians. Want to know something that really scares me about Palin? Go to Maureen Johnson’s blog NOW and read this post. That’s right, I said, “NOW”. I order you electronically to do so.

- Educating Alice’s post about the importance and value in daydreaming really struck a chord with me. I was a daydreaming child, and now I have a daydreaming daughter of my own. Her teachers and her father and I have all been guilty of telling her to “focus” and “pay attention” over and over again. I pledge to be more cognizant of this in the future.

- I’m on a kick to read all the recent YA fiction featuring food. I finished A La Carte by Tanita Davis, of which I was not a fan. Clearly, Davis is not a food writer – good food writing makes you want to jump in the page and experience the food for yourself. Good food writing allows you to smell, taste, and feel. Davis’ food writing was bland and overly demonstrative, very heavy on the adjectives. I have just started High Dive by Tammar Stein and, thus far, I’m enjoying it very much – I love the European locations and the writing style. I’ve also got Dear Julia by Amy Bronwen Zemser waiting in the wings. Yesterday, at my children’s book selection committee, we reviewed a picture book, The Snow Show by Carolyn Fisher. It’s narrated by “Chef Kelvin” who explains, in a cooking show format, how snow is created. There’s even a “BAM!” moment. We all agreed that the format was “crazy” and “silly” and we thought the illustrations paired very well with the subject matter and style. We’ll be buying it at QL.

- Again, children’s literature and food intersect. I know I’m ridiculously late chiming in on this, but Jamie Oliver’s wife is writing a children’s book, The Adventures of Dotty and Bluebell. You’ve got to read the article from the Daily Mail for a bit of a giggle: I don’t think I’ve read such a fawning interview in all my life. Jamie Oliver is “a national treasure” and the Olivers’ living room is “filled with an astonishing array of tasteful toys.” And that’s not even the most flowery example – the whole thing is just sickeningly sweet. And as far as her darling daughters not smoking or doing drugs or not having sex “until you are…well, old enough”? Refer to the Maureen Johnson link above. And don’t get me started on the Breck Girl photos. Ultimately, I resent celebrities (or spouses of celebrities) that try to convince us that they’re “normal” and just like the rest of us. Uh, no. You’re not. Shut up.

The really crap part of this matter? Of course I’m going to buy this for the library. Just like I bought Laura Bush’s book…and Madonna’s books…and Sarah Ferguson’s books…

Thanks to Chair, Fireplace, Tea Cozy for the info (and the spectacular rant) who got it from Big A little a.

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