Harvest Time explores chocolate

I mentioned before that the Slow Food NYC Harvest Time program had started a blog, and today they're talking about chocolate.

The most poignant part of the blog post:
They showed us real cacao beans from the Dominican Republic and Madagascar. Some of us are from the DR and didn't even know they grew chocolate there. We got to grind our own roasted cacao beans.
The most astute quote from the post:
The dried cocoa beans were really weird. We disagree about whether we like them. At first when you chew them, they taste like flowers, but after a while they start to taste like dirt. We think the chocolate probably tastes like what grows around the cacao plant.

And a tie for the funniest quote:
Did you ever see the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? We did, and so when we went to The Mast Brothers Chocolate Shop, we were disappointed that there were no oompa loompas.
When we got back to school, we met Virginie, a French chocolatier. We were disappointed because she didn't wear a berret.

Overall, it sounds like they had a wonderful time (and - shhhhh! - they may have learned a thing or two)!

Eat, drink, and support your local school programs!

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