Something about my job...

Some of you have mentioned wanting to know what a school and library marketing manager does exactly. And while I'm still figuring that out myself, I do have one thing to share:

So I really want to reach out to school & library bloggers. As it is, I follow hundreds of blogs myself. And I've talked to lots of newer bloggers (when I was a librarian) who wanted to know how to get "in" with publishers. Well, here's a roadblock I've run up against:


So if, say, I want to send 20 copies of a new book to "select" bloggers, I have to track down all that mailing info by emailing each blogger individually.

I want to send you review copies, I do. But you're all making it so damn hard on me.

More to come...apologies for the lack of blogging lately...but I've been all about my fantasy football teams: I have three of them. I had a draft last night and two more tonight then I'll be back in full force this weekend!

EDIT (9.4.09): I feel like it might be shady taking this post down now. On the other hand, it wasn't altogether smart of me to post it. I was clearly having an "off" day. Well-written, thought-out, smart posts coming soon and apologies for my mini-tantrum.
ANOTHER EDIT (9.10.09): Oh, for heaven's sake, now Betsy has linked to this post. If any of you are first-time visitors to my blog, don't judge. Read the rest. I really am nice...and relatively normal. And don't believe everything Betsy tells you: I know a gazillion librarians who are neither shy nor unobtrusive. I count myself as one of those...


Librarians: Mrs Sutera, Mrs. Fick said...

Thanks for the tip. I've updated our school library blog to include an e-mail address!

~ lg said...

Please don't apologize. You make a good point about the addresses.

But... fantasy football...?

Jennifer said...

Hmmm, I have my address (or at least my library's, where I prefer to receive review copies) on my blog - but you have to read through my review policy to get to it. I'm guessing new bloggers don't think to post contact info - and "old" bloggers are inundated. I'm right in the middle, which is a nice spot to be (-:)