Nibbles and tidbits

There seems to be soooo much going on lately - in my own life, in the lives of my friends and family, in the world - and I feel sort of frenzied to talk it all over with you. Which is why I'm going to bullet-point. I think sooooo much more clearly and concisely when I bullet-point. So here's what I've been collecting:
  • Interesting article in The Times where Anne Fine is quoted as deploring the "gritty realism" of recent children's books. I don't really agree or disagree with her, but it seems to me this is just another case of adults arguing over what they think is best for children, forgetting that raising readers is nothing but gray areas. Truly, I believe there is a place for both edgy realism and naive hopefulness. Why must we choose?

  • Frank Bruni's last column as New York Times' food critic is wonderful. If you're a New Yorker who dines out, this is a must. Even if you're not, he has great recommendations for figuring out what to order at any restaurant.

  • I hate to embed this in my bullet points but it's next on my mind: as most of you kidlitters know, the Third Annual Kidlitosphere Conference is taking place in Arlington on Saturday, October 17th. Liz B and MotherReader both announced it. I'm interested in going - it's such a short train ride away! - but this gets into the growing-pains-from-my-new-job thing. I consider myself an avid fan of all things kidlitosphere...but does it work having a publisher-type person there? Even if I don't go in that capacity? If I go as just...me? Thoughts, opinions?

  • OMG, I want one and I want one NOW. Which reminds me that PMS is a bitch.

  • Julia Child is back! As if she went away. I enjoyed this article but thought I was going to blow a gasket when I read about canned cream of mushroom and canned French onion soup. Last I checked, those weren't exactly a low-fat, healthy substitute for butter. Don't even get me up on my soapbox.

  • So I apparently live in a bubble and had no idea that Tomie dePaola has his own blog but, thanks to Jarrett Krosoczka, now I do. Apparently the blog is maintained mostly by his assistant, but I still love seeing all the pictures of flowers and the photo of Tomie's new muddler from Williams-Sonoma. And back to Jarrett Krosoczka, don't forget to check out his new Lunch Lady graphic novel series. It's an absolute hoot to read, and each title keeps getting funnier and funnier. I mean, you can't fail with a crime-fighting cafeteria lady, right?

  • I read stuff like this and am reminded how totally uncool and unhip I am...tragically so. That aside, the Mondrian cake? Brilliant.

  • I'm reading nothing inspiring lately, sadly. I've gone back to Sense and Sensibility. Thus far, it is the only book in my life that I have read multiple times. I'm just not a multiple-times-type reader. But Sense and Sensibility? I don't know, I just keep going back to it. I am not being melodramatic when I tell you that it gives me a sense of calm in a world full of chaos. Stop smirking. I'm serious.

Coming up, hopefully: a blog post about my loverly weekend with Soul Twin. Multiple restaurants, the High Line, and Julie & Julia were involved. As well as a laughter-and-heckling-filled viewing of Twilight. This past weekend might have been my favorite of 2009 so far.

Eat, drink, and get by with a little help from your friends.


Anali said...

If you are uncool and unhip, I hate to think how much more so I am.

I just finished reading Sense and Sensibility again this weekend. I think it's my favorite Austen!

Unknown said...

I think it's my favorite as well. However, I haven't read Persuasion yet, and a number of people have told me it's a must.

lori! said...

Umm...we need to have mexican hot dog night very very soon!!!

Liz B said...

please please come to DC! It's for everyone. really.

Liz B said...

someone from Candlewick will be there, so there are other publishers going.

Unknown said...

Liz, I know, I saw that! Sharon Hancock!

I'm planning on coming...know anyone who needs a roommate?