I'm official...more so, anyway

Looky, looky, looky! My friend Shannon is a fantabulous graphic designer and she recently started her own company (in addition to her day job), War Admiral Press. As a birthday gift to me, my mother-in-law (MC) commissioned Shannon to create some Pinot and Prose business cards for me; there have been multiple instances where I've been promoting myself not as a librarian or a publishing-type person but as a blogger, and I needed something to give people. So after lots of back and forth, sharing ideas, here is the finished product:

Shannon used two different kinds of paper - I had to crop this heavily so my phone number wasn't showing, thus the white card is obscured, but the design is the same.

I'm ecstatic with the final product! Shannon is ridiculously creative and has all kinds of fun and unique ideas. Thanks so much to both Shannon and MC for this lovely, lovely birthday present!

Eat, drink, and ask for my card next time you see me!


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i'm finally catching up on your blog! so glad you like the cards, my pretty!