Links à deux

Rarely do I care that I don't bake. I just don't have a sweet tooth so I'm never motivated to go through the effort. People often ask me how I can have "only one" square of chocolate after my lunch: "You can stop at only one?!" Why, yes. Yes, I can.

What no one comments on is how I manage to scarf down an entire plate of nachos by myself. I exercise little to no restraint for nachos. I make room because I love all things crunchy, salty, and cilantro-y. On nacho nights, I consciously eat light the entire day because I know I'm going to go the distance for dinner. That's just me. Desserts? Meh. Chips? Awwww yeah, baby.

Anyway...every once in awhile, someone makes me wish I baked. Usually when they bake something savory. I give you Simmer Till Done's Upside-Down Tomato Basil Bread. Holy crap. I want it and I want it now. And Marilyn gives fantastic instructions in case things aren't looking right - she's making baking sound do-able...even for me. However, the very idea of cranking my oven up to 400 degrees for more than an hour is unthinkable right now, my un-air-conditioned kitchen being the gateway to hell in the summertime. But for all you people lucky enough to cook in air-conditioned bliss, you're welcome.

The other link I offer you is Amateur Gourmet's review of Julie & Julia. He said it perfectly and he convinced me that having the juxtaposition between Julie Powell and Julia Child not only worked but was necessary to the movie. And I teared up a bit when he mentioned the movie being about connections: Julia and Paul, Julie and Eric, Julia and her collaborators, Julie and her friends...on and on. I was already feeling so glowy and happy about the movie, and now I love it even more.

Eat, drink, and make Upside-Down Tomato Basil Bread so I can live vicariously through you!


Marilyn said...

Laura - such a kind shout-out. Believe it or not, I'm like you - even as a baker, I'd rather scarf down savories any day. The only problem is knowing when to stop. Love the blog & will be back to read more. Thanks!

Alejandra Ramos said...

Found you through Marilyn's link on Twitter. What a wonderful blog! I'm adding you to my follow list so I don't forget to come back.

Unknown said...

The love continues - I've added both of your blogs to my list!

Seriously, Marilyn - your tomato basil bread just sends me. Wow.

Beth S. said...

Hi Laura. I just discovered you blog and I love it! I'm trying to get into the the groove of my own blog of a similar subject, and I love your title "Pinot and Prose." So far my title is very unoriginal, but I'm still working on the whole format so hopefully a creative title will strike me in the near future.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'm exactly like you. While I enjoy desserts and baking occasionally, I'm really all about the salty and the crunchy. I don't keep Doritos in my house for the very reason that I could eat a whole jumbo-sized bag over the course of an afternoon.