Ace of Cakes book

I didn't know until recently this was a HarperCollins book, but it is: Ace of Cakes: Inside the World of Charm City Cakes by Duff Goldman and Willie Goldman (William Morrow, 10.20.09). Naturally, the first thought in my head was "Duff has been in this building?" Followed shortly by: "Does that mean that Geof has been in this building?!" Because he's the one who really does it for me. Here's the book trailer:

I'm oddly obsessed with this show, as is Bug. Forget the glory days of my youth, watching "Growing Pains" and "Who's the Boss?" together as a family: these days, it's "Ace of Cakes" all the way. With Duff's chainsaw in the credits and all. I'm raising my child right.

Eat, drink, and - I'm so sorry but I have to - let them eat cake.

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Lara Ivey said...

I now know what I'm going to watch tonight while reviewing books! What is it about this idea of cake "building" that fascinates me so much? Thanks for sharing!