My world has been rocked...

...because of Gourmet closing. Not because I was a huge fan of Gourmet - I wasn't. But it made me realize how easily my favorite foodie mag, Saveur, could go under in this economy.

I urge any and all of you to get a subscription, not so much because I'm worried about you. Oh, no, it's all about me. Buy a subscription so that I can continue to be a happy, well-balanced person. Thank you.

In the meantime, take their fun and fluffy quiz about what kind of a foodie you are. Here are my results:

Your Profile: Classic & Comforting

You learned to cook alongside your grandma, and still think her teachings are gospel. You believe the correct answer to the question of olive oil or butter is both. You're happiest around a chattering table, doling out heaping plates to crowds of friends. You just had your tattered, original copy of Joy of Cooking rebound. You're certain there's nothing that melted cheese can't make better.

Describes my style perfectly, except for the grandma bit. Except for her pie crust recipe - it's foolproof. Even I can make it.

Eat, drink, and come sit at my classic & comforting dinner table!


Rebecca said...

Just found your blog and love it! Have heard you mention blog statistics on twitter...do you use google analytics to track such things? And why is it is hard for me to get proper data? grrr

babs said...

I also got that one. Not surprising at all.

This might be why I rebel against fussy ingredients.

Sorry, I can't help you on the Saveur thing. Am good with EW, thanks.

Unknown said...

Hey Rebecca! Um, well, there's a bit of a story behind the Google thing... My husband actually works for them and sometimes I'm privy to some things in the works by them that aren't public yet. This is one of those cases. As soon as I mentioned the stats, my husband said, "Laura! That's not public yet!" And I actually deleted that comment. So it's not out there yet...but I have little doubt it's coming. And I'm totally in the doghouse with the husband now! ;-)

Babs, ditto on the fussy ingredients. Amen. Who has the time?! And I'm sure EW could use the help too, these days!