Poetry Friday: A Special Edition

I hope you all enjoy this because I'm sacrificing my dignity for posterity.

My mom sent me a box yesterday of stuff she found in the attic. Among so many wonderful relics of my youth, was a large stack of writing I had done. It included short stories I wrote in elementary school and poems I wrote in high school. It's so god-awful and embarrassing - truly, there are no words.

So here's a little ditty I wrote. It's undated, but I signed it "Lealia Anne"...which puts it in early high school when I desperately wanted any name but Laura. I present to you a poem by yours truly:

Out of Place
by Lealia Anne

Out of place
Out of love
That is what I've always been.
Expressing my loves,
And my most heartfelt emotions
The way I want
Is a difficult obstacle.
Even my most intimate companions
Cannot apprehend
The certain things I am thinking,
When I'm thinking them,
And why.
I truly hope with all my heart
That one day I can
Tell them all that I am feeling
And have them understand.

First, I really used "apprehend". Second, you're welcome. See how much I like all of you?

Eat, drink, and thank goodness for moms who are the caretakers of your life's history!

NOTE: That was my 7th grade photo. Would you believe I actually felt awesomely rad in that outfit?


Give or Take a Little said...

A true original. Thanks, Laura! (love your rad outfit)

Vonna said...

Oh, wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Fuse #8 said...

I'm still processing the awesomeness of this.

In the future we will all have our 9th grade school photos online. It's only fair.

Unknown said...

Right ON, Betsy! Forget all the fab, glam photos of me as a mature, confident grown woman.

It's 9th grade ALL THE WAY for me!