"Spicy" Carbonated Drinks

Up until a couple years ago, Bug hated carbonated drinks, declaring them "spicy" and "hot".  Which I never understood.  I just thought she was messing up her words.

Which is why I found this article at Food & Think so interesting: "The Science of Fizz."  Apparently Bug wasn't entirely off-base.


joanna said...

Oh thanks for that article! My oldest son also said spicy and my husband and I thought it was very cute. To this day (he's 7) isn't much of a pop drinker because of it.

Louise said...

My son, now 9, also used the word spicy to describe lemonade. He wasn't allowed to have any fizzy drinks before he was 3 or so, and then I gave him watered down lemonade. He would always wrinkle up his nose at full strength lemonade and call it "too spicy". He has managed to get over this in recent years, and will now happily drink it, so I haven't ruined him for life.