I bought the new Jamie Oliver cookbook yesterday: MEALS IN MINUTES.  I could lie and tell you that I got it at my local indie...but...yeah.  I paid full price at Barnes & Noble, guilty as charged.

I can't wait to try the recipes - you'll see some of them here soon (note the tabs I've already inserted for the recipes I want to take on).  I'm particularly excited about this one:

It's Quick Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecake.  You pound gingersnaps and hazelnuts with a rolling pin then, after mixing them with melted butter, you press them into the bottom of individual dishes.  Add store-bought lemon curd.  Sprinkle raspberries over the curd.  Top with creme fraiche (or mascarpone or cream cheese) that has been stirred together with some sugar, vanilla extract, and milk.  Last but not least, grate chocolate on top.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is my kind of "baking".  Future dinner party guests can expect to see this one soon.

Eat, drink, and move to the 'burbs to make room for your cookbook collection.*

* Note to self: count how many cookbooks, reference books, and food memoirs I own.  I'll share the number with y'all when I do.


Beth S. said...

I didn't realize Jamie Oliver had a new cookbook. I just put this on hold at my library. Thanks for the post! :)

Liz B said...

just ordered it!

Stasia D said...

I love watching Jamie At Home. I was just in the cookbook section of my local chain store today, but I walked away! Hmmmm.

carina said...

I bet I can top that number! It's an addiction:-)

Molly O'Neill said...

Better yet, make your own lemon curd! It is more like cooking than baking and it turns out so, so wonderful--and you can make it more tart than sweet this way, which is way preferable in my mind to the store-bought stuff. This recipe worked really well for me. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/tangy-lemon-curd

carina said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. So glad to have introduced you to What Katie Ate. Do read/look through the entire blog. I can just eat the pictures!:-)