Whoa! Whoa! I Gotta Go...Back to Schoool...Again!

Whoever knows which musical movie that blog title comes from is my new best friend...

Welcome back to me! For three days, I have barely logged on to my gmail, let alone my blog. It was a lovely weekend of wine and antipasti in Central Park, shopping with my mom, and discovering a new favorite restaurant, The Popover CafĂ©. Overall, one of the best spent 3-day weekends in ages. Now I’ll be counting down the days until Columbus Day which, thanks to my public sector job, I get off work.

I posted two reviews so I’m feeling all productive.

The kiddo is back in school today – here’s hoping for a good school year. It’s going well already, I suppose, since we got a letter from the principal yesterday that informed us that 1) the first grade students have a dedicated reading specialist to help with those struggling, which is good news for us because, contrary to popular belief, children of librarians are not automatically strong readers, and 2) the school got its own full-time music teacher! How many modern-day public schools can say that anymore? We’re very fortunate. And in honor of that, you have to check out this article, “Teachers: Be Subversive” from Salon. I love the rallying cry for teachers to rise above and beyond No Child Left Behind and thank Fuse #8 for the link, thus giving me such great motivation on the first day of school. Here’s a quote from the article that had me practically cheering at my cubicle:

Francesca once said to me, "I'm damned if I'm going to" -- I don't think she said "damned," because she's too polite; maybe "darned" -- "treat these little babies as commodities or products. Why should they care about global markets? They care about bellybuttons, and wobbly teeth, and beautiful books about caterpillars." I think we have to protect those qualities.

YES! Now let’s all go forth and promote in children all things free-thinking and creative!

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