This week's section was a nice improvement from last week's (read: I found more interesting stuff in this week's...and it's all about me).

Needless to say, there were a couple articles relating to Jewish cooking, thanks to Rosh Hashanah. I have to admit that I only skimmed these. I rarely venture into Chinese or Indian cooking...and I guess now I have to add Jewish cuisine to that list. It's not that I'm nervous about it or anything. But European cuisine is so vast and varied that I feel stretched pretty thin as it is. Alas. So much good food, so little...

There's an intriguing recipe for Red Wine Risotto with Grilled Mushrooms. It sounds like it was crafted specifically with autumn in mind. On the other hand, sadly, I've really given up on risotto. I enjoy the meditative act of stirring, sipping wine, stirring, sipping wine... But there's still that part of me that keeps watching the clock, wondering when I can get some other stuff done. We are such a stressed, clock-watching society. And I'm proof-positive. I can't even take 20 minutes for a fabulous risotto. I suck.

Frank Bruni included his usual brutal restaurant reviews, which are like train wrecks for me. I cringe as I read them, feeling oh-so-sorry for the proprietors of the place, especially in the insanely competitive NYC restaurant world. But, on the other hand, I can't stop reading, can't help looking at the carnage. Anyhoo, he ripped apart Bar Stuzzichini on Broadway and 22nd...except for a couple of dishes. In particular, he mentioned an "orecchiette mixed with gorgeously carmelized cauliflower, bread crumbs and salty, jagged bits of pecorino." Wow. I won't go to Bar Stuzzichini to eat it, but I'm already thinking of how to make it myself...

P.S. I'm writing this from home, wistfully thinking of Betsy's KidLit Drink Night. On one hand, I'm glad I took the time to stay home, write a blog post, make lobster fettuccine later tonight. And yet...I find myself pining for that patio at Sweet & Vicious. It'll probably be the last time this season we'll be able to hang outside.

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Anonymous said...

you made lobster fettucine on rosh hashanah... nice.