Ban all the fat!

L.A. proposes fast food ban. I don’t think it’ll go through – it’s just a proposal – which is all well and good because it doesn’t address the real issues anyway. We’re so wrapped up in non-fat, low-fat, trans-fat, high fat…goodness gracious, stop with the fat! Fat is not the problem! Well, at least not one of the major problems. The biggest problem is with all the hidden additives in those fast frozen foods. The corn syrup and all the corn derivatives. The salt. The hormone-laden, disease-prone CAFO meat. The ridiculously large portions of all these foods. How about we start there?

Speaking of which, I read an article yesterday – heaven help me, I have no idea where I read it – that discussed Starbucks' appeal to children and teens. Starbucks has been clear that they’re not marketing to these groups but, in the midst of parents visiting, children and teens have also become fans. First, it was good to know that, previously, Starbucks hasn’t marketed to these groups. Like they need any more external stimuli! Second, the article had particular appeal to me since my 6-year-old daughter goes for a vanilla crème frappuccino about once a month. Lastly, the article mentioned offering drinks in an 8-ounce version more regularly, which apparently some of them already do (you just have to ask). Amen! I would love to have an 8-ounce version of the pumpkin spice latte – that “tall” size is waaaay too much for me. How anyone ever drinks a venti size of anything is beyond me. And given the obesity epidemic in our country, I don’t know that anyone should.

I’ve got A LOT more to blog about. Coming up:

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Anali said...

I'm so with you on the portion sizes - I may love me some ice cream, but I wish Cold Stone made it easier to get a smaller portion than their small. That small is still huge.

If LA did a portion size ban instead of a fat ban, I bet more people would lose a little weight.

Unknown said...

Corn, corn, corn. Everywhere I look there is corn. In a cup, in a box, on a cone, and my personal favorite, corn on corn. Gota love the corn.

But I am moving a little past the corn and on to the food "MAN". The man is amazing. The man has decided to bump the size of a coke from 8 to 12 oz. Then deciding that if people will drink 12 oz of corn syrup, surely they will drink 24 right. And so they did. hmmm if they will drink 24 oz of cob in a cup, would they Double Gulp it out of a 64 oz cup? Sure will Mr. Man. I see, says the man (wheels turning in head). If that is true with corn in a cup, how about corn in a bun? If they will eat a burger that is 1/8 of a pound, will they also go to 1/4 of a pounder? They will? Well then how about a 1/3 pounder? Again yes? Hot Damn!

So what this tells me is that the Man, with his cleaver marketing, has found a way to change the average McCorn customer. Joe public used to eat a 1/8 pound burger and washed it down with an 8 oz drink. But now Joe orders a 1/3 pound burger and washes it down with a 64 oz drink! My hat is off to the Man!

Just think what stock at Ford would be if people suddenly thought they needed 3 times as many cars! Or has that already happened too?

Unknown said...

Rage on, Adam! Damn the Man!

And you're so right, Grumpator. I never could eat a whole one of those Cold Stone "small" sizes. The husband and I used to share the "small."

Two sizes: 8 oz and 12 oz. Never more. Unless it's water.

Speaking of which, my dad told me that Dasani finally came out and admitted they've been using tap water this whole time. Anyone else hear this? Doesn't surprise me. Tap water usually has stricter guidelines than bottled water anyway (so says Barbara Kingsolver). You're probably better off drinking tap.