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For more on school lunches, check out these links:
In other food news:
  • Man, I told you that the Pacific Northwest has it going on! This hand-molded cheese looks marvelous.
  • In other cheese news, Utah's Beehive Cheese Co. has a coffee-rubbed cheddar that they've named Barely Buzzed. I want some NOW!
  • The 3rd Annual Cask Beer Festival is coming up (March 20-22) here in NYC. Adam has gone with friends in the past while I've hung out at home with Kiddo...but I think we're splurging for a sitter this year and I'll sip my share of unique beers.
  • We've gone after trans-fat...now the witch hunt starts after salt. The good news is that I've taken enough recreational classes at ICE and have seen enough Food Network shows to know that I will most certainly be using my fair share of salt in culinary school! I get that we need to reduce salt in crappy food - the salt masks so many bland flavors, so many crimes against food. But when it's used to enhance and bring out flavor? Nobody better come between me and my salt! (On another note, you can see ICE in the season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice" where Andrew Dice Clay admits to Dennis Rodman that he hates making cupcakes. Me too, Dice. Me too.)
  • An interesting article about how proportions have not only gotten bigger in restaurants but in cookbooks too.
  • I rarely hesitate to admit when I've been a fool. So here it is: I had no idea this existed so close to my home. Hopefully I still have some credibility with you, dear readers.


Ellen said...

Steve & I were also thinking about going to the Cask fest. Haven't made up our minds yet and there is so much going on that week.

Kathryn Grant said...

Hi Laura,

I really enjoy reading your blog - especially since I am on the opposite path as you. I started with an organization called Eat Local that runs the town's Farmers' Market and has set up school gardens in elementary schools. I am now going to school to be a School Librarian.

From experience with Eat Local, you really need to take baby steps when working with the schools. We did an introduction by partnering with the PTA to do some Taste Test Tuesdays. At recess we set up a table with several different kinds of apples, on another day we did pears, and had all the children taste them and tell which they liked best. The students loved it and the following Saturday we had quite a few parents at the Farmers' Market looking for honeycrisp apples.

Unknown said...

Hi Kathryn! What a fantastic perspective - thanks for sharing! I looked up Eat Local...is it the one out of Portland, OR? I'm so impressed that you guys got parents going out to the farmers' market, but it's also no wonder the kids loved honeycrisp - they were probably used to only red delicious! When Taste Test Tuesdays proved so successful, were you able to get more buy-in from the PTA? I'm curious if that's the sort of thing that opens a lot more opportunities in the school.

Ellen, it all hangs on whether we can get the sitter...and I keep forgetting to email her!

Kathryn Grant said...

Nope, we are right across the river in NJ.


Eat Local is also part of the NJ Farm to School Conference in April.


Anonymous said...

The Queens County Farm Museum is right near my library. I once went to their County Fair (it's in October). It was fun they had a corn maze and stuff.