Food as memory trigger

Adam and I somehow got to reminiscing tonight about this stage in our lives:

When we were dating and then newly married (12 years ago), my mother-in-law (MC) lived only 3 miles from our house.  And she always had a bag of these in her freezer.  Adam and I would go over to MC's house and bake a whole bag...and proceed to eat the whole thing.

We were laughing about this tonight, and Adam said, "Gee, hon, I wonder why you were 20 pounds heavier back then!"  Most women would scoff at this, of course, but I just laughed and said, "I know, right?"  Because he was right on the dot about that.

But here's the interesting thing: I don't miss the 20 pounds...but I miss the memories created around those pizza rolls.  Some of the crappiest food ever, truly.  In every way.  But I remember Adam putting them on a foil-lined baking sheet.  I remember that I was always in charge of putting music on MC's stereo while he got the food ready.  I remember lots of laughing, lots of games of pinochle and Acquire, and lots of good music.  

So I find it interesting that with all the local, fresh, seasonal food I eat...all the weight I've lost...all the extraordinary meals I've made...

I kinda miss the pizza rolls.


Unknown said...

You are so right! My husband and I got married while he was still in college and we had NO money. We used to eat canned tomato soup and fried egg sandwiches at least twice a week. The meal was a team effort and even after nearly 40 years every time I fix an egg sandwich I flash back to that crummy apartment - and the fun.

Of course we also used to eat tuna casserole all the time and I still can't face that ;-)

alvinaling said...

Recently I had Corn Nuts for the first time...since maybe HS? Or at least 10+ years. Corn Nuts reminded me of HS, because back then to save money I'd either eat just french fries, or some kind of chips for lunch, and Corn Nuts felt more substantial than regular potato chips.

Love this post!