Tweens read...kinda

YPulse has the results of a recent poll they took re: tweens and reading. Surprise! They actually do read, according to the results. However, as YPulse does point out, the group is self-selecting and it skews toward younger and mostly female...so we can't really call this a trend or point to it, claiming, "See! See! They do read! We knew it all along!" That said, I love that those kids that read are passionate readers - kids excited about reading always makes me happy. Thanks to Stacy over at Tweendom for the link.

Serendipitously, there was a link above the tweens-and-reading piece to an article about Food Network reaching out to the Gen-Y kids with their new Food2 website, which I actually first heard mention of over at Amateur Gourmet (Adam has his own show on the new site). When I heard about it there, I shrugged it off...being a Gen-X-er myself... Apparently, Food2 is going for the hipper, younger crowd with more face-off competitions, eating fast and cheaper, and "off-beat personalities". I like "Ace of Cakes" as much as the next person...in fact, I love it. But I also love Mario Batali and some of the "original" stars of the Food Network. Why must it be one or the other?

Internet Update: Time Warner told Adam they'd be out this Saturday...at the earliest. By the time they fix this thing I will have shriveled up and withered away, thus resembling those "poor unfortunate souls" in Ursula's "garden" in The Little Mermaid.

Eat, drink, and keep drinking until Time Warner fixes this f-up!

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