Only in children's library services...

One of Queens Library's branches, Kew Gardens Hills, is having a "Light Saber Combat Workshop" this Sunday, May 3rd at 2:00 p.m. Here's the description:

Lightsaber Combat Workshop

Ages 9-14 will learn to duel with lightsabers by working with members of the New York Jedi Association. They'll demonstrate their fighting techniques and teach audience members how to stage their own lightsaber battles.

I'm falling in love with New York all over again. We have a Jedi Association?!?!?! Too, too cool.

But the question remains: will you learn how to make the lightsaber-clashing sound during the workshop? Because everyone knows that you have to provide your own sound effects during a true lightsaber duel.

This is one of those times when I am reminded that working with kids and teens is about the coolest thing ever. I assure you that I won't be having any lightsaber duels in culinary school. And it'll be the poorer for it.

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